What is Motivation ?

What is motivation ?

At first, you have to understand that nobody can stay motivated on the earth. If anyone is saying I stay motivated all day long, he is telling lies. There are two types of motivation: Internal motivation and external motivation.


How to stay motivated | मोटिवेटेड कैसे रहे ?

What is Internal Motivation?

Internal Motivation refers to a person who has faced adversity, problems, scarcity, and criticism.
Internal motivation comes from within and lasts a long time. Suppose you have read someone’s biography and are inspired a lot by his or her story. You also decide to do something extraordinary. This is internal motivation. Suppose you faced a problem, scarcity in your childhood, and when you grew up, you decided to change your life, Whatever the situation, this is internal motivation.

What is External Motivation ?

External motivation is like a balloon. You watched any motivational video or any motivational movie, and you stood up and said, i am a champion, i can do anything. And just a few hours later, your motivation ended.
This is external motivation. The life span of external motivation is very short either one day or two days.

FAQ: What is Internal Motivation?
         What is External Motivation?

11 ways to become motivated

Set a small goal daily.

Everyday try to make a do list before sleeping in the night, when you have a to list then your subconscious mind will force you to complete the work, you will feel motivated when you will take action.

Surround yourself with motivated people.

You are the average of five people spend the maximum time with. You become what your friends do. So if you want to saty motivated choose your circle wisely. Spend time with positive minded people.

Everday exercise and meditation.

Do exercise and meditation everyday. When you exercise daily dopamine (happy hormones) releases and you feel motivated.

Do the thing which you love the most.

You feel motivated when you do the thing which you love the most, if you love your work, you will enjoy the work

Follow successful people on social media.

We become, what we watch, listen and feel. Following successful people on social media can be a valuable addition to our online experience. It offers a unique opportunity to learn from experts, find motivation, expand your network, and stay informed about industry trends.

Know your why.

Before doing anything ask yourself “why”.
Why i am doing this work?
Why i am investing time on this? When you know your why, you have a clear picture of your goal and you have a clarity in your mind.

Celebrate your achievement.

When you celebrate your achievement, you internally feel motivated.

Learn from expert instead of taking advice from friends and family.

A hindi proverb (सलाह उनसे लें जिनके जैसा बनना चाहते है) Don’t take advice from the people who have no experience in your field or niche.

Finish what you start.

Never stop work in the middle. You will strat procrastination that results demotivation. So try finish the work wahtever you start. You will feel motivated.

Be disciplined when you feel demotivated.

Wenver you feel demotivated start following your time table or to do list. Be disciplined.

Everyday write reminder.

As a human being, We forget our goal and dreams, so everyday try to write and read your goal two times daily. Make a reminder of your goal. You will be focused and motivated.

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