16 Lessons i have learnt in 2023

16 Lessons i have learnt in 2023

1) Keep it private until it’s permanent. (specially your dreams, goals)

2) Never ever show your problem to others. (bcz people enjoy if u r in problem and they feel insecure if you do extraordinary in life).
3) Don’t take criticism from someone you wouldn’t take advice from.
4) Travel more and more.
5) Remove toxic people from your life whatevr may be ur friends, family, relatives.

lessons i have laernt in 2023

6) Don’t respect others by their money, job, look & power,
Respect others by their intellect, behaviour, humility, integrity, honesty, knowledge.

7) Show up what you really have, dont show up what you don’t have. (Bcz in this digital world people make perception what they see in you.)

8) Don’t be available all the time for others whatever may be your frnds, family, relatives. (except in case of urgency)

9) Gyan sirf use hi baatein jo uske layak ho. ( Khana use hi khilana chhaiye jo bhukha ho)

10) Spend time with the person who add value to your life. ( if you haven’t found yet live alone. Because its better to live alone than with wrong people.)

11) Don’t think about the past.

12) Our parents are getting older, so spend time with parents.

13) Jiske jaise nhin banna chhahte hai, unki koi bhi baat nhin sune bcz logon ko gyan dene ki aadat hai.

14) Aap jeewan mein jo krna chhahte hai sirf usi field se related logon ko sune or unki baato ko follow kre.

15) Uski respect or value to bilkul bhin nhin krein jo apne dum par kuch nhin kiya ho or maa-baap ke paise par aish krta ho. ( It doesn’t means uski disrespect krna hai. Mera matlab mentally use realise karana hai ki wo apne dum par mehnet kre)

16) Meditation and exercise ko apna lifestyle bna lein, ye dono chig hamare DNA mein aa jana chhaiyea.

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